Rooftop solar panels

Commercial Solar

Utah is currently one of the best states in the Country for commercial solar panel systems. Businesses are being heavily incentivized by both the federal and provincial government, as well as being pre-approved for grants on the total cost of their system. Most commercial systems see a rapid payback period and thus massive solar savings for years to come.
Rooftop solar panels

Financial Incentives

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit (no limit)
  • 10% Utah Tax Credit (up to $55,000)
  • 25% Grant Pre-Approval* (up to $500,000)

Payback Period

  • 5-7 Years for Financed Project
  • 2-3 Years for Cash Paid Project

GCE Solar is also unique in that we offer exclusive financing through our banking partner, KeyBank. For 90% of the business that we work with, we are able to offer a plan that fits their specific financial needs and allows them to start generating money from their investment in no more than 7 years.Future electrical production

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