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Easy Solar Installation

We do installs right from beginning to end! We not only handle all paperwork, permitting, and inspections needed, we also take no short cuts in the process. We design a custom layout for your home and install all our panels with the utmost care. We also design all of our installations to ensure high efficiency as well as a good looking design for your home.

We understand our clients desire to stay informed in the installation process. We provide periodic updates as to what stage in the installation process their solar installation is at as well as realistic time frames for completion of the installation.

We use ONLY high quality, tier 1, components.

We believe that your home deserves the best equipment at an affordable cost. We use only high quality components that you can have confidence in! Our panels all come with a 25 year manufacture warranty that can help our clients sleep well at night knowing they will be taken care of. With life time monitoring our clients are ensured the highest efficiency from all of our components.


Affordable Solar Solutions For Families

We provide an opportunity to lock in a low monthly payment over the next 20 years and eliminate your rising power bill. There is no upfront costs and affordable monthly payments are available. We want to make solar available to everyone at an affordable cost.

Our solar system financing options make solar energy affordable for every homeowner, one of which includes the option of receiving your federal and state solar tax incentives and credits before ever making a payment!

Our financing options will lower your power bill and give you control and ownership of it.

You can also take advantage of $0 Money Down Financing. A 30% Federal Tax Credit as well as various state and energy provider incentives.

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Environmental Benefits

Going Solar is the Same As:

  • Not Driving 285,000 Miles
  • Planting 2,500 Trees



Q: Will the solar panels ever break?
A: We cover the panels for 25 years under warranty.
Q: Is it a loan?
A: It’s just the difference between renting and owning. Same reason you purchased home. Solar is smart debt just like a home. It adds instant equity. Your utility provider requires you to pay forever whereas with us you only pay until the panels are paid off. It also saves you money month one.
Q: What if I don’t like the look of solar?
A: Our installs are very clean and our panels actually look great. If you don’t agree we can do our best to place them on the back of your house out of sight. I do sell a ton of people with the solar on the front of the home and they actually really like it.
Q: What if it doesn’t produce what you predict?
A: We guarantee production for 25 years 80 percent. Solar is proven though and with our technology we use to make your proposal we add in weather data for the past 10 Years sun hours and all.
Q: What happens if the Power goes out?
A: When the Grid goes down so does the system. We don’t want to put energy back through the lines while they have linesmen out fixing the grid. We don’t want to shock or kill anyone. Battery technology is so close, and as soon as we get batteries you will be able to have power at any time.
Q: What if I move?
A: Easy. You can either transfer the payments to the homeowner or pass the monthly savings on to them or you can sell it with home and they won’t have a bill and you profit from the added equity. As you probably know, Forbes, NY times, California Berkeley study and Wall Street Journal have all done studies stating that solar will add equity to the home.
Q: What if better technology in the near future?
A: The technology we use now is the same technology that Apple, eBay, Google, Fort Knox, Walmart, Target, Ikea, and even the White House use. They invested a lot of money into their systems so they can get a return and save for the next 30 Years.
Q: Isn’t solar too expensive?
A: That’s why our program is simple. We make sure you save from day one. Absolutely no
Q: What if my roof leaks?
A: We cover your roof for 10 years after install against leaks or any other issues.
Q: What happens in a natural disaster? Like wind blows the panels off or a fire?
A: Homeowners insurance. Super easy and cheap to add.
Q: What makes different?
A: A lot of things. Our quality, price, service, smooth and easy process to go solar, our inverter, our warranties, 12 months of free energy, Free monitoring so you will always be aware of what your solar is producing and we are a Local company so you will receive fast service.
Q: Will my power company add a fee for solar users?
A: They can for future customers not existing solar customers. They haven’t passed a law stating a tax yet. That’s why a lot of people don’t want to wait to go solar. As of now net metering is amazing in Utah.
Q: Why don’t I just pay cash?
A: You can. I recommend paying at the end of 12 months so you can take advantage of the free energy. Also it gives you time to get the checks from the government and state.
Q: How long and what does your warranty cover?
A: 25 years. Any defects on the panels and the production.
Q: Will the snow affect it?
A: We have already factored in the snow days and weather in your proposal. When panels are placed on the south the snow melts faster as you know.


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