Jackson, CEO Owner Military Division

Jackson Gray, Co-Owner

Jackson brings 10 years of Government Contracting and Engineering. As a Licensed Professional Engineer, he was the Idaho Army National Guard’s State Engineer and Facilities Manager Branch Chief, responsible for over 1169 Facilities.

He has bid and negotiated multimillion dollar contracts summing over $50 million for the government, which gives him keen insight into contracting with the government for solar energy.

Jackson has over 20 years in the military and has served as both an enlisted soldier and a military officer. In 2002, Jackson deployed to Bosnia in support of SFORXII as a crew Chief for the AH-64A.

Later he commanded an Attack Helicopter Company of six AH-64D’s and was the Quick Reaction Force Commander for the State of Idaho Military Division. In these positions he has implemented planning and programming procedures that greatly enhanced the operations of the organizations.

Jackson’s leadership skills and values (loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage) support the vision and culture that the government expects in a reputable company.”


Lester Gray, Co-Owner

In an effort to pay for his education, Lester started into summer employment selling alarm systems. Here he realized his love and skill in the sales field leading to 11 years’ experience in door to door/direct sales. By his second year in the alarm business he moved into a management position developing his own award winning teams. He helped his company later sell for $131 million. To improve his understanding, skills, abilities and professional development he attended Weber State College toward the Professional Sales degree.

Statically evaluating the market place for a new opportunity toward success for himself and others and understanding the need to protect the environment, he moved into Solar Energy in San Diego, CA. He quickly understood that he could impact more lives positively through owning his own sales business, through co-ownership of Clean Power Alliance dealership. In 2016 he reorganized his company, moved to Utah and started GCE Solar.

Through his career in Solar sales he has a personal production over a megawatt. In addition, he has gross revenue from accounts created and managed of $10 million. His focus has been on team-building for management and sales staff, creating a company based on ethical and moral values that benefit not only the business and staff but also each and every customer.

Jared, Owner CEO

Jared Deisher, Co-Owner

Jared has a full range of experience in all levels of residential constructions and understanding the intricacies needed to assure successful sales, installation and utilization of solar products.

In 1996 Jared started a landscaping company which grew into a General Contracting business in Grand Junction, Colorado. In 2003 he moved his business to Denver, Colorado expanding services to custom home work and decks. Being aware of the growing need of alternative energy sources to control electrical costs he added solar product offerings for his customers. He started first with solar hot water systems then moved into Photo-voltaic systems and portable solar products.
As interest in solar systems expanded across the nation Jared created a solar company strictly for solar. He expanded the company all the way from Hawaii to North Carolina.

In his 20 year career of home and solar sales he had the opportunity to train over a 1,000 sales people. He developed a love for building leaders and helping people find their true potential.

As a result, he chose to join GCE.Solar as their CEO. This career change allowed him to combine all of his experience into growing GCE.Solar into an exceptional company that has momentum and energy. Jared adds a strong foundation providing direction and training. His desire to mold individuals into strong ethical and moral leaders sets a basis to build a workforce that is reliable and trustworthy in all they do and say.

NABCEP Certified Energy Practitioners


Solar Energy Industries Association

Veteran Owned Business